Current Tenders 

There are at the moment no current sales tenders.

COVA was commissioned by the Minister for Climate and Energy to make 215 kilotonnes of diesel from the strategic stock available to the market. This is about 26% of the COVA diesel stock and 7% of our total stock. By means of three sales tenders, the diesel was offered to the market under commercial conditions. These tenders have resulted in the actual sale of 186 kilotonnes of diesel of which a large portion, via various traders, found its way to the Dutch retail market.


Framework Agreements

COVA conducts its business with the oil and storage sectors on the basis of framework agreements.

COVA purchases crude oil, oil products or tickets in compliance with the Public Procurement Act. In 2020, COVA put out its Framework Agreements to public tender. Within this framework, we made arrangements with a large number of market parties about the parties’ rights and obligations in respect of future purchases and sales of tickets or products. During the four-year term of the framework, COVA may invite the selected parties to bid for purchases or sales.

The tender for the Framework Agreements involved:

  • Framework Agreement for purchase of crude oil and oil products, click here
  • Framework Agreement for CSO tickets, click here

The tender was finalised on 15 May 2020 for a four-year term. Information on the final award can be found on TenderNed. If you are interested in joining either or both framework agreements, please submit an application to the Operations department ( Your company can then take part in our framework agreements during the remaining term. Our sales are conducted in accordance with COVA’s General Terms and Conditions.




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